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Tabloid Tea: Jordyn Woods

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

With all of the commotion surrounding the karjenner clan, it's hard not to have an opinion on who was wrong and who was right in this situation. Some blame the obvious transgressor, Tristan while others pass blame between Khloe Kardashian for her naiveté and Jordyn for her betrayal. At ANTHROPOP we are going to look at this situation from a more general point of view and outline the top 4 lessons that we can learn from this debacle and apply it to our own lives.

1. If your friend breaks up with their bf/gf, you break up with them too

The first mistake that Jordyn herself admitted to was that she should have never gone to Tristan's house for the after-party. According to LA Partying Bylaws, once the the club closes the party doesn't stop. Jordyn should have never gone to that party, even if it was to spy on him (Khloe has enough people on her payroll to do that). So ladies and Gents learn from this, once a friend breaks up with an ex...unless you have a completely separate relationship with them, that person is out of your life and there are no more casual hang outs.

2. Remember blood is always thicker than water

Sis and bro is such a casual moniker that people seem to forget that blood actually means something. As much as a friend may make flowery confessions of love and abundant promises of loyalty, you must never forget eternal friendship is rare. You are more likely not the exception, you are the rule.

3. Watch your vibes

Learn to be self aware. One of the most important skills one can ever learn is the power of body language and self awareness. It doesn't matter if you mean it or not, you are always putting out an energy and everyone around you is responding to it.

4. Honesty is the best policy

We were taught as children that truth is clear, righteous and easy to separate from falsehoods. As we get older and get into more greyish area situations, honesty becomes questionable and hard to recognize. We must always remember that integrity will always hold true, no matter the outcome. Once you compromise the truth, no matter your will always be in the wrong.

I’m sure there are 100 more lessons that one could learn from this debacle, what did you take from this tabloid tea? Comment below.

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