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AnthroPOP exists to provide professional services for individuals and companies seeking assistance with their writing, managing efforts to reach a wider audience through social media, and in the development of creative content.
My clients and work experiences have included Gatlin Racing, Lush Fabrication Design, Pfelton Sutton, Provets, Yahoo! TV, Gamefly, 944 Mag, Skin & Ink Magazine, Jewish Publication Society, ShowBiz Data, Logical Evolution, Arclight Films, Myriad Pictures, Arte Television, Gravel Hill Films and American Zoetrope.

People. Words. Ideas. That describes my skills, talent, and experience and sums up what I offer my clients. I have a passion for popular culture and years of Hollywood experience to bring to the table. In addition, I’m an information junkie with a knack for consuming and aggregating a wide range of content to feed my voracious appetite. Add to that my skills as a writer and editor, and you have the full package for your creative and social media needs.

I have worked as a writer, copywriter and editor. I worked in creative development in film and television. I have experience as a web content manager, marketing director and social media consultant. I am also the producer, writer and director of the documentary film Tattoo Jew. My writing has been published in Skin & Ink, 944 Magazine, and for the Jewish Publication Society’s book series, “Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices.” My work on Tattoo Jew has been featured on, in the New York Times and in various publications around the globe.
Some of the businesses, artists, musicians and non-profit organizations who have used my social media services include Tattoo Jew, Pfelton Sutton, Jas Syndicate, Lush Fabrication Design, Gatlin Racing, Nate Morton (house band drummer on NBC’s The Voice), Sara Levy, Ian Martin, Nusach Hari B’nai Zion Congregation, and CJ & V Specialty Soaps.